Product info

  • Speed :
    180~300 m/min
  • Max. Height :
    Less than 150+ floors
  • Inquiry :
    82-2-3670-0877/ 0674

Introduction :

The i-XEL uses the highly efficient permanent magnetic gearless traction machine and a high precision inverter control system, and intelligent microprocessor and data network type dispersion control system to deliver a more comfortable passenger experience and the highest level of safety. These features have made the state of the art i-XEL high speed passenger elevator system an absolute necessity in luxury high rise buildings. i-XEL stands for Innovative Express Elevator.

Characteristics :

Highest quality passenger experience Utilizing a permanent magnetic gearless traction machine with a high precision inverter control system, i-XEL eliminates the transmission of vibration from the gear mechanism and ropes. The system also utilizes a high precision control inverter that continuously varies the voltage and frequency to endure optimal motor speed, delivering a smooth and comfortable passenger experience. Eco-friendly technology protecting the environment Hyundai Elevator is at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly technology through the use of eco-friendly materials and development processes. Our power re-generating inverter LOWATT allows elevators to use regenerated power from operations, increasing energy efficiency by up to 77.5%.